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Adding ingredients...

Ever notice that sometimes when you add just an extra few ingredients to a recipe it makes it pop??

Today I had a pound of ground beef that I had previously froze and was letting thaw in the fridge. I had to use it right away, but I didn't have a lot of time or $$$.. a very common situation in my student life. Sooo I bought a box of hamburger helper. (Don't judge me...) This time it was the stroganoff one. I followed the recipe as is, but I also added shittake mushrooms and peas to the mix. (I had them on hand & wanted to reap the nutritional benefits of both.) When it was finished and thickened I snipped up (with my kitchen shears= awesome) a heaping pile of parsley. The parsley added a delicious touch.

I work with what I got! <33 Have fun in the kitchen.
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