mbld123 (mbld123) wrote in student_cooks,

Healthy College Cookbook Contest


We¹re looking for your best recipes to be included in an expanded 2nd edition of The Healthy College Cookbook!

Are you the cooking expert among your friends?
Does everyone flock to your apartment for the guaranteed good eats?
Have you found tasty ways to avoid the Freshman 15 and the Sophomore 20?

If so, why not send in your recipe? We¹ll choose dozens of new recipes, submitted by Healthy College Students across the country, for publication in The Healthy College Cookbook.

Consider the benefits of being chosen:
You¹ll be a published author!
You¹ll receive a free copy of the new cookbook so you can continue feeding your hungry friends.
Your recipe will be judged along with all the other new recipes. The best 25 entries will each receive a cash reward of $25!

Go to The Healthy College Cookbook website now to submit your recipe.
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